Legal Advice as a Foundation of Successful Projects

The law firm L2C - Law to Client - seamlessly blends into our holistic philosophy of interdisciplinary counseling. It ensures comprehensive legal counseling and supervision during all stages of a project.

From the exact analysis of the factual and legal situation up to the negotiation and the preparation of a contract we implement our clients' requests and ideas into a tailored solution which we supervise in day-to-day business. To achieve this, we often forge new paths using unconventional, creative and new methods. L2C is an experienced partner for your security.

Your partners

Our services

Transaction-related und structural advice

  • We assist companies, entrepreneurs and private investors in acquiring and selling shares or assets and especially real estate.
  • Our services include due diligence, the elaboration or the purchase and transfer agreements and the counseling in respect of the transaction structure under legal and tax considerations.
  • The integration of know-how of law, tax and auditing and consulting offers our clients an integrated counseling concept and holistic solutions.
  • The transaction-related and structural counseling is carried out by the partners Andreas Luecke and Christoph Brück who will be pleased to provide you with any additional information you may need.

Commercial and corporate law

  • We advise corporations and partnerships as well as their organs in all areas of corporate and transformation law. Moreover, we elaborate shareholders' agreements for private persons in the domain of property management and company succession and implement restructuring and financing concepts in private and commercial contexts.
  • Our specialized team consisting of experts; experienced staff members develops individual solutions tailored to the requirements and the situation of our clients. We have special expertise in the areas real estate, shipping, aviation, offshore and transportation.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact one of our partners Partner Andreas Luecke, Ulrich Lüllwitz or Carsten Grau who will be happy to assist you.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

  • Now and then, conflicts arise in business as well as in private contexts that are not necessarily connected to times of crisis. In these cases, we are at our clients' side and try to find an extrajudicial solution first. If this does not lead to an agreement we have the whole scale of litigation in general jurisdiction courts, in arbitration and, more and more - as far as the matter at hand is suited for this - mediation at our disposal.
  • We have special expertise in the domain corporate litigation, including injunction and foreclosure. We assist shareholders in executing their rights as well as companies in conducting litigious shareholder meetings. We know that this requires the development of individual strategies for the handling of co-shareholders and general managers.
  • More and more, we are called in on banking and capital market litigations that result from the raging financial crisis and the turbulences for closed funds projects connected to it.
  • Your contact partner in this domain is Carsten Grau.