Our aim is the optimization of your tax burden

T2C Tax to Client stands for client-oriented counseling in all tax-related matters, irrespective of the complexity and the level of detail of your request - from classic tax counseling up to tax structuring our services also comprise the implementation and realization of measures.

We are reliable partners in all tax and tax-related matters.

Today, nearly every private or entrepreneurial initiative has fiscal consequences. At the same time, bodies of regulations become more and more complex and confusing and alterations and changes occur at an increasing speed.

We have an eye on this development - you can rest assured that all requirements arising from tax and related law will be fulfilled and that you will only have to pay the correct tax.

Our tax consulting features a broad spectrum and includes the preparation of tax returns, every-day financial and payroll accounting as well as tax structuring. Please study the detailed information in the menu or contact us personally.

You are welcome to visit us or to give us a call but we are also happy to answer any questions you might have via e-mail or telefax.

Your partners

Our services

Tax counseling for companies

  • financial accounting
  • annual and intermediate accounts
  • payroll accounting
  • all types of corporate tax returns
  • continuous tax consulting
  • attendance and counseling during audits and the concluding discussions
  • representation in extra-judicial remedy procedures and legal representation at financial courts by interdisciplinary teams of tax consultants and attorneys
  • negotiations with the fiscal authorities in order obtain information and settlements

Preparation of Annual accounts

  • We prepare annual accounts and management reports in accordance with the requirements of the Commercial Code, the Shareholders' Agreement and further relevant laws.
  • You dictate the required level of performance (preparation without assessments, preparation including feasibility study, preparation including extensive assessments).
  • Together with you we discuss your election rights and their sensible exercise.

Tax counseling for individual persons

  • We prepare all types of private tax returns and especially income tax returns. Our aim is to reduce your tax burden to the lowest legally feasible level, relying on close cooperation with you in order to explore the possibilities of tax optimization.

Penal law and self-indictment - prevention and defense

  • If you have already come under scrutiny by the investigative authorities you might find yourself confronted by a multitude of fiscal and penal sanctions. We know about this extreme situation and offer you holistic solutions that go beyond customary tax counseling.
  • We are also happy to support you in prevention and at the stage of self-indictment.
  • The special strength and expertise of our law firm is that in most of the cases, we find a solution in the framework of the fiscal law. In order to be able to counsel you efficiently in fiscal and criminal law we proceed in respect of the criminal aspects in close collaboration with the renowned Hamburg criminal law expert Dr. Gerhard Strate (www.strate.net).

Tax structuring in the private domain

  • Tax structuring on a private level - which can take place in various fields - is crucial for the optimization of the total tax burden.
  • Thus, structuring may be indicated in case of a transfer of assets to children, spouses or other persons. Tax optimization has also proved to be especially efficient in respect of income sources. Our services include specific contractual arrangements of a tax-optimized property investment and tax-efficient old-age provisions.
  • Please feel invited to benefit from our innovative creativity.

International tax structuring

  • We help investors abroad to perform their activities in Germany in a tax-optimized manner and in the same way we support German clients with their engagements abroad.

Optimal restructuring

  • The restructuring of companies not only requires knowledge of what is possible under civil law and of the isolated fiscal consequences. As additional basic know-how we dispose of extensive practical experience, special knowledge about the interaction of the different areas of fiscal law and a consistent updating of expert know-how.
  • As interdisciplinary firm we can not only offer a solution for your fiscal problems but we are also able to undertake the elaboration of the legal structure of this solution.

Capital investment and contract designs

  • We design tax-oriented capital investment and the appurtenant contracts for private and corporate clients.

Counseling for issuing houses

  • We structure funds and other capital investment models for issuing houses and support property investors in acquiring, managing and selling objects.

Corporate acquisition / sale

  • When selling a company of any kind of legal form not only the civil law and economic negotiations play an important role but also tax optimization. We show you what kind of factual preconditions can reduce your tax burden.


  • Over the years, we gathered extensive experience with specific tax issues common to domains like music and art as well as playacting. Based on these experiences we can offer you focused advice.

Counseling of business founders and start-up companies

  • We are your partner where you as business founder or start-up company need to concentrate on your core competence and want to relinquish the accounting as well as tax-related questions to others: You focus on the operative business and we assist you in the domain of accounting and tax.
  • Very often, business founders and start-up businesses underestimate the negative consequences of negligent accounting or insufficient compliance with tax requirements. We will help you to avoid this.
  • We will also be happy to assist you with the managerial analysis (such as monthly evaluations of you operating results, open position lists etc.) as a means of operational control.